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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Little things that matter


I have such an infinite love for watches, hats and the little things (details) that matter and make an outfit pop. What drew me to this watch was it's rose gold colour and not to mention the addition of mint to even make it more appealing. Hats are my go to hair accessory, whenever I feel not to bothered about styling, let alone combing my hair, I mean they are stylish, versatile and can save one from a bad hair day or even week for me on end. 

Bought from;
Hat : Mr Price
Watch : Sterns 
Shoes : Legit 
Sweatshirt : Legit

Denim gives me life, classic, flared,skinny, dark, stone washed, distressed , just bring it on. below I am pictured or radther I pictured myself wearing distressed stone washed denim, a stripped linen shirt and of course it goes without saying ,my favourite kind of shoes, lace up brogues.

Bought from;
Distressed denim: Legit
Stripped linen shirt : City Market/Thrifted/Secondhand/Saluala
Shoes: Fashion Express

Below I show case the uncombed hair and one of my black hats, no time for a full face of makeup, so some powder, lipstick and I am not too sure if I have mascara on or not. A hat and some hoop earrings make such a great pairing.


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