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Wednesday, 1 February 2017


"May your day be as flawless as your makeup."Bossbabe

First things first, Happy New Month everyone. Well let us jump right into it, today will share with you, my go to everyday work. The look below is one of my favourite go to looks, why? simply because it doesn't take up too much of my time in the morning.

The Routine
1. One of the most important rules for me, when it comes to makeup is starting out with a fresh face.
wash your face in the morning as per your routine, apply a decent sized amount of moisturizer, and let that sit for a minute or two.

2.  I then go in to fill in my eyebrows, that is just a personal preference of mine, which follows these steps, brush them in shape, fill in brow powder, or with a pencil depending on what look  I am aiming to achieve. I then follow through with shaping and outlining the filled in brows with concealer a few shades lighter than my skin tone, after that I then go back to the outlined brows with a foundation that matches my skin tone, so as to camouflage the concealer to make the eyebrows appear as natural as possibly can.

3.  I then go in with my foundation, lightly over areas I deem foundation worthy, lets face it Zambia is fairly of warmer weather throughout the year and so to avoid looking too cakey or getting an oily face as soon as my makeup is done, I believe less is more.

4. Powder follows right after I let the foundation breath a little, most days I just use an ordinary powder sponge, and powder away to my hearts desires.

5. When I am out of an eyelid primer, I go right ahead and use concealer as some sort of primer before applying any eye shadow to my eyelids. After that is done I go in with my normal face powder or a translucent powder just to set the concealer. The eyelids are now ready for eye shadow.

6. Eyebrow bone highlighter follows after the eye shadow, which then makes way for mascara yeah, almost done. I love a highlight under my eye, so right about now I generously apply some translucent powder under my under eye, let it sit and rest there for a while and then powder it away with a powder brush. On a not so lazy or too busy day I also go ahead and add a little highlighter over the bridge of my nose.

7. I love lipstick and feel almost undone when I am not wearing one.

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