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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Allina rocks a white shirt with short hair

"Its just something 
 about short hair that screams     
 POWER..." Anonymous 

Allina, Alliiinnnna I called out to her, in a voice an African mother would use to get her child's attention. Only in this case it was me, with my voice filled with envy on how pretty she looked in her new short hair. 

She finally responds to my calling her, and says yes Shazz, as my friends so often refer to me. I say to her this hair looks so good on you. Clearly tempted to cut off my not long hair in the heat of the moment. 

Let us get back to the story. Allina here pairs a crisp white classic shirt with denim that puts to shame all the denim I own, a black classic hat, and of course when the hat is off, she is just so perfect in her short hair. As always stay blessed...

Who says a white shirt has to be boring?

The barely there shade in the hair, just gives me so much life...

Studs and some chunky silver bracelets added to complete this cute outfit...

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