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Monday, 24 June 2013

My affair with Hair

Hello everyone, hope all is well with you. As always thank you for taking your time to check out my blog. In this post I will start sharing with you my love affair with hair, and all things concerning hair that intrigue, fascinate and frustrate me about mostly my hair. This is just the beginning of many more posts on hair and why I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with it.

I have always almost had natural hair, even though I never really knew my reasons for it back then nor did I fully appreciate natural hair. But strange enough there I was with a head full of natural hair, even with my friends in their sleek perms I guess that never really bothered me or maybe it was something I never thought of that much.

But I have been there; I remember when I was much younger my mother would relax my hair for easier management I guess. It was not a perm but it was called a soft perm, but truth be told a perm is a perm end of story (Will look into that in another post). My hair would usually fall out, especially at the back of my head after a few months of getting a soft perm treatment. Now many years later it dawns on me that my hair was/is too fragile to be chemically altered with hydrogen peroxide. I wondered why some of my friend’s hair would just keep growing even after so many soft perm treatments.

Maybe some people are just blessed in the hair department that no matter what chemicals they put in their hair, it seems to thrive. Lucky aren’t they??? This is just the beginning of my chronicles about hair titled “My Affair with Hair”. Till next time.

Stay Blessed.


Fabulously Pink said...

I love your blog! Saw your feature on the southern African blog page! LOVE IT!


shazz4life said...

Thank you...

Stay blessed.