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Thursday, 11 April 2013

The ZedHair (Natural Hair) Show Pictures and review

A beautiful lady, with beautiful natural hair, I loved her look and her beaded earring.
I am child of Zambia, a true patriot if anything but a realistic one as well. I never saw this coming but when it did I was beyond ecstatic, a show about hair here in Lusaka, Zambia a natural hair show for that matter.  

My first reaction was I have to find a way of contributing or participating in this first ever natural hair show/workshop. So I sent an email to the organizer asking her about the show she was organizing and how I would participate or contribute to it. But I never got an answer to my email.
So I said to myself, a request can either be granted or denied, and in this case mine was denied. I moved on and decided my way of contributing to the show will be attending, taking pictures and sharing my story of the show with those who could not make it and those who just did not want to attend it. 

I am really glad I went to this show; I meet some really nice people. To have many naturals in one place is something that rarely happens here in my part of the world.

Here are some interesting things I learnt;
  • When flaxseed is boiled in water for at least 5 minutes, it turns into a gel. That can be used on your hair as a healthier and natural alternative to gels with a high chemical content.
  • Glycerin mixed with some water, essential oils and carrier oils of your choice makes a great spritz for your hair.
  • Eco styler gel can be purchased from some shop in Northmead (I am yet to find out the name of the shop).
  • A guy called Moses sells Shea butter, his number is 0977337166 (I am yet to try his shea butter, and will definitely do a review)
  • Whenever you are out buying a product for your hair or skin, you want to make sure to check the ingredients. The quantity of ingredients in listed in order of the highest to the lowest percentages. In other words what is listed first is the ingredient with the highest percentage, and what is listed last is the product with the least percentage. So you want to always make sure that water is either listed first or not so far off the first ingredient.
  • The science and skin are closely related; therefore an important question to ask yourself if what you are constantly putting in and on your hair can go onto your skin, especially your facial skin.

The ZedHair show was a great experience for me in so many ways; it was interesting to note that the natural hair movement is slowly catching up here in Zambia.
You see as I had mentioned earlier I am patriotic Zambian, and I had sent an email to ask how I would participate or contribute to the ZedHair show. I felt disappointed that I never got a reply to my email, even one to decline my request. I also noted that the sound was not so good especially if you sat way in the back of the hall. As KUSE ENTERPRISE, I told the organizer that we could have offered our sound system free of charge in support of such a good cause. But as networking goes, sometimes things work in you favour and sometimes they do not.

One of the presenters at the show, did not encourage going for a job interview in your natural hair (esp. spotting the big old Afro). She instead suggested you wore a wig or had your hair done up with extensions of some sort. I am not for this idea and I believe that even natural hair can be presentable. Even a wig/extensions have to be suitable for a job interview.

I am always on the search for Zambian bloggers, especially those based in the mother land. I meet one such blogger at the show, and you can check out her website here.
I also meet a Zambian Bio- Chemist and for me that was the highlight of this show, she was so pleasant and friendly. She and her team currently have a hair serum and a conditioner out on the market, which are produced right here in Zambia. They are called Lelo & Sage, they can be emailed at info.leloandsage@gmail.com.
 I would like to thank you the organizers for this wonderful first ever natural hair event.

Here are some pictures from the show

The lady on the right with coiled hair, gave a talk on how she was so convinced moving to Africa (Zambia) would guarantee her different hairstyles every other day from the salon. She said one of her reasons to go back to natural hair was because her son, did not find African American women attractive. She believes that children usually look up to their parents for guidance in so many aspects of life.

Owner of NC hair studio, gave several talk on hair care. Here she spoke of the importance of knowing your combs and what they are really meant for. She discouraged the use of small teethed combs especially on natural hair, as they tend to pull out hair unnecessarily and cause a lot of damage.She advocated the use of a wide toothed comb instead. The paddle brush was one of her favourite brushes and encouraged that we splurge when buying one as it is really a great hair investment.

This lady shared her natural hair journey so far, after her big chop. Though not a make up nor accessory enthusiast, she says that after the big chop, those are things you need to really look into so as to add that extra feeling of still being lady. As most women are quite attached to their hair.

Masuka, a blogger from http://zedhair.com/ and also organizer of this event. Do not be deceived by her bun, this lady has long thick and healthy looking natural hair.

Some earrings and other accessories were displayed for sale, courtesy of http://kutowa.com/. Zambian based, fashion designer with a love for African print or Chitenge as we know it here.

Some earrings and other accessories were displayed for sale, courtesy of http://kutowa.com/ Zambian based, fashion designer with a love for African print or Chitenge as we know it here. I found it really creative that the belts were actually inspired and created using bottle tops.

Loved these green wedges here.

Also sale was some hair products from Lelo & Sage. Hair serum and conditioner. They are a Zambian brand, and their products are proudly produced right here in Zambia.

A Beautiful dress from Zambian based designer, http://kutowa.com/. One of the reasons I love Kutowa is the fact that they have been around for some time now and they are also consistent.

These were some of the products and books that were given away freely after answering a question correctly about the care of hair.The little colourfull bottles contained hair spritz made and donated by a wonderful lady.

The colour on this short hair, she used cherry red from Inecto. I had to tell her twice on two different occasions that her hair was the bomb.

A presentation on what products our natural hair loves. On display here is olive oil, rosemary oil, apple cider vinegar,Flax seed,honey etc. It is also such a huge relieve to know that most if not all of these products can be obtained from our local super markets. The rosemary is produced here in Zambia locally.

Ladies here having a light moment.

I love colour, whether on cloth or hair, I just love it. This was my favourite hair at the show. But when I asked her how she got to this colour she told me she first bleached her hair, which I had initially feared. But she assured me that the coloured hair is transitioning hair.
Rocking a two-strand twist out on coloured hair.

Accessorizing is key, especially for TWA's (Teeny weeny Afros).

check out those green wedges. Lunch time.

NC Hair Studio owner , holding a microphone here so as to amplify sound from the laptop. This I must say was a disappointment for me, as the sound did not improve that much even after such a MacGyver move. NC Hair Studio is located at shop # 2 Golden Bridge Hotel, Great east road Lusaka, another one at shop #6 Makeni Mall, Kafue road, Lusaka.

Natural hair vlogger from YouTube. unfortunately I did not catch her user name. But here she spoke of the Do's and Dont's of weaves. Having you hair pulled back to tightly in cornrows was discouraged, as this could cause hair loss, and if done over and over again it could eventually cause Alopecia (loss of hair from the head or body)
Towani Clarke of http://kutowa.com/

Demonstrating how a two strand twist out can be styled so that it can be rocked in the work place.

The diversity of black hair. Here Its worn in dreadlocks.

Loved the colour of her dress, and the print pattern.

Another hair style demo. Look at that Maxi and jacket both in chitenge.
This lady has some serious hair thickness. She had bantu knots on when making her presentation on what products our natural hair loves. She also made the hair spritz that were given out for free at the show. I like the fact that she said she does not consider her wash day, just a day as it lasts two days so she said washing hair for her is more like an event.

A biochemist,from Lelo & Sage. They produce hair serum and conditioner, with shampoo in the making. These products are produced right here in Zambia. For all those interested in purchasing their products they can be contacted at this email address info.leloandsage@gmail.com.

Rocking natural hair in dread locks, and on trend with the denim on denim look. This African American is here in Lusaka, Zambia for some work, initially scheduled to stay for 3 months, but has been here for 6 months now.

Loved this two-toned half shaven hair style going on here.

Braids, are such a great protective style., the lady on the left is rocking flat twist. and the other lady was one of the nicest people I meet at the show. She blogs on http://hairgeekly.com/. A Zambia Hair blogger, and like me always searching for other Zambian blogger on the internet.

A really nice and bubbly personality.

The diversity of our natural hair is amazing. Check out those earring and those smiles.

A filer, if you can say that. Another creation from Towani Clarke.
This is how I wore my hair for the show, the hair is growing and I am loving it.

Back view of my up do.

One of my closest friends, who attended the show with me.

Daddy's girl totally stole the show, her aunt from ZedHair jokingly said they have plans for this head full of hear.

The ladies in locks, made a presentation on their natural hair journeys and how to take care of dread locked  hair. They have also been friends for more than 20 years if my memory serves me ri
I was one of lucky winners of this great smelling hair spritz, wish I had asked what it was made from. I also was lucky enough to win the bun maker. This is the hair serum I have sung about in this post, I have used it twice on my hair and my hair is really appreciating it. Will post some pictures when I do a product review. The Hair serum retails for 85 Kwacha Rebased.

It was so nice finally meeting Kate, I was introduced to this lovely lady by the BF and we had only been chatting. This is the first time we met in the physical and we clicked from on the set. I decided for a monochrome look for this event.

This Hair serum is beyond magical is so far is doing miracles for my hair. Note the ingredients are oils that can easily penetrate, you scalp and hair follicle. Support your local brand. As the saying goes "LOKAL is LAKA" 

Lastly I would like to thank you the organizers for this wonderful first ever natural hair event. 

Stay blessed. Lubunga


Abigail Nyirenda said...

I wish I was there. I won't lie my second big chop was filled with hours of how to and better hair care videos and blogs but I love that there is a natural hair community in Zambia cause my TWA is fast growing. Also bought the flax-seed from pick'n'pay and taking my braids out as we speak so can't wait to try out if it works.
I'm writing too much but Pick'n'Pay I found has great products for natural hair including where I bought the flax-seed and non-silicone conditioner (the tresemme naturals the youtube vloggers rave about). Please do a post on where some of the things at the show can be found, cause I've been searching for shea butter. This post has been the best thing this week, thanks so much for posting. Can't wait to have some healthy well loved natural hair :)


Annette Cupid said...

Awesome article :). I was eying the green wedges too! I don't wear heels but I would love to have those. Lol. Oh and I asked Mwanabibi about the spritz. I'm not sure if we got the same one but she said there was aloe vera juice, coconut oil and I forgot the rest. From what I can smell though there is definitely tea tree oil so I think it has the Chisamba Valley Tea Tree Hair Oil in it.

fashion cadet said...

awesome events, looks like you guys had loads of fun. lovely blog


lesizzlecafe said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I am newly transitioning (2 months now) and have been looking for the shea butter and flaxseeds. If you can please do a blog of how to make the gel esp when attending the essential oil.
Love this post and looking forward to another.
Love J

Annette Cupid said...

Oh and I think this should be Lulu's youtube channel.
Lucky enough I have a quick eye when it comes to reading URL's.

MayaB12 said...

So I've known Masuka for over 17 years and in my experience when you email, text or call her, she doesn't get back to you in a day or two - she gets in a matter of minutes! So when I read your blog I was immediately taken aback because I simply refuse to believe that she would ignore your emails. I find it funny that you don't mention that after the event you approached her and she confirmed that she hadn't received any emails from you. Are you 1000% your emails got to her?

Lusaka is a very small place, you will likely run into Masuka at other events and opportunities for collaboration may arise. You will find that she has a wealth of information, all of which she is always willing to share. So while you took great photos at the event and wrote a mostly flattering blog post - I wish you would refrain from jumping to conclusions about people you don't know; there is no sense in burning bridges.

shazz4life said...

Thank you very much, for the comment Abigail I actually recommended your blog to some of the ladies who attended the show.Pick'n'Pay is beyond great I am telling you. I use a shampoo and conditioner from the TRESemmé line, I love what it has been doing for my hair and besides that it is very long lasting.

As for shea butter, you can call Moses on this number, 0977337166. Also try indian spice shops for products like pure henna. I will definately be doing more posts on hair. You can also check out these Zambian blogs which are hair oriented. Stay blessed.



shazz4life said...

Thank you very much for the lovely comment Annette. They are beautiful shoes. Thank you for the info on the spritz with definitely be trying one with all or some of those ingredients. Stay Blessed

shazz4life said...

Thank you very much. Will definitely be checking out you blog too.

Stay Blessed.

shazz4life said...

Thank very much. your requests have been noted. I will look into it.

Stay Blessed.

shazz4life said...

Thank you very much.

Stay Blessed.

Mwanabibi Sikamo said...

Great pics! Awesome event I'm sure there'll be more and you've made some great connections for possible future events. The spritz had honey, aloe vera juice, rosemary oil, olive oil and tea tree oil.

shazz4life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shazz4life said...

Thank you very much Mwanabibi. Will be making that soon enough.

Stay blessed.

shazz4life said...

Thank you very much for your comment. I did in fact approach her after the show concerning this issue. I am a 100% sure, otherwise I would not have written about it. I was actually with a friend of mine near by when I asked her about it.

My intention here is not to burn any bridges, I am merely writing about my experience at the event. I did in fact tell her, that should there be any future events I would love to collaborate.

I have not jumped to any conclusions at all. Had I judged her, I would not have attended the event at all, nor included her in this blog post, and I share her blog with almost everyone I know who is interested in hair.

Stay Blessed.