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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Zambian Music Awards (ZMA's)


Zambia Breweries you rock, thank you for organizing and bringing the ZMA’S to life. Let’s just point out that I have never had the chance to grace/watch the Born & Bred awards, but I have had the chance to watch the Ngoma awards and I was not impressed at all. But that’s a story for another time and day.

Back to the ZMA’s , interesting to see how that they were a lot of foreign names involved in the birth and organizing of this event. I think it’s high time as Zambians we learn something from ‘utusungu’ (Utusungu used here loosely,  as I have no idea if all those foreign names I saw on TV were white/just non- Zambian, but hope you get my point).

We should start questioning ourselves at this point, why the Ngoma awards/Born & Bred awards have not improved since they were introduced. Is it because we do not work well together as locals, is it lack of sponsorship, or lack of seriousness from our artists, inshort all I am is that we should be ashamed that this is the first year the ZMA’s have taken place, and yes they had some flaws, but they were far much better than the awards we have been watching in the past few years.
A few things quickly come to my mind.
How does the voting system work or what criteria was used for the artists nominated?

  1.    The reasoning behind this is the fact that Danny Kaya an artist that has been on the Zambian scene for like ever, only had a minor performance ?
  2.     JK has grown and matured into such an amazing artist, was not even lucky enough to perform (Or was he not in the country at the time???
  3.  The criteria for picking best Female/Male Djs??? (Considering the fact that QFM have the widest coverage area, they are well known, maybe a system could be devised where a lot more radio stations are brought into light and we get to know more DJs from around the country a few months before the awards.
  4. No Zone fam, no Ruff kid in the nominations/awards no PJay really??? Thank God for their Vigabenga song otherwise n'gabalisebana.

To be honest I really think that Zambia breweries delivered, though the technical aspect was quite poor. The sound was not so good, especially during the live performances. The performances were kind of boring, I mean it’s an award show, next time artists should remind us the fans the reasons we nominated and voted for them. On that note I was impressed with Amanyenge they never seem to disappoint, Ruff Kid too sort of did perform as he came running out of nowhere for the Vigabenga song.

Before we get to my favourite part which is me playing fashion police. Quick question is it part of the job to have an accent we clearly know you are faking, what happened to being and sounding original, we won’t value you less if you are yourself, in fact will show you more love. Easy on the accents please, some of these radio personalities, if we didn’t know them so well, one would swear they were born and raised abroad.

Lets now play fashion police, where do I even start.  
Before we begin word to the wise, When looking for that perfect outfit, fit is key always, an outfit that is too loose will usually make you look larger than you are or you might end up just looking weird. Too tight clothing does not always equal to sexy, always make sure you know your size and ask people for their opinions.  Now let the games begin:

3rill, Suit was not too bad, but I think he should ease up on his accent.

Amayenge always bring on the heat, this what a performance should be like.

Gesh was the best dressed male for me .

Exile, I love you and your music is amazing but that does not give you an excuse for showing up in this hideous ill fitting suit.

No comment.

Bored, but the look on the guards face is priceless.

A talented and very promising young girl. Please note these are not my words "Good girl gone Ugly"

Judy, I am looking for a styling job, I would like you to be a client, this tomboy look or whatever it is clearly not working for you.

K-Smash working that bow-tie.

Kay Figo, Where to start where to start, This whole look is wrong. But I am feeling the makeup.

Feeling the makeup, This hair was just uuuh, not working.

Kalumba if my memory serves me right. Oufit kinda cute, but that Bag ruined it for me.

Kay Figo's dancer doing her thing...

Macky 2, I am one of your biggest fans out there, you are excused Ulimupondo...

M.Zulu looks Jaded.

Who ever this is please, never try this look again.

Having captured us with your lovely voice, does not mean you can go around looking like this.

Roberto mwe bantu.. This I leave it for others to add their thoughts.

I was almost feeling this look, but something was off. Loving your suit Ruff to K.I.D

Man of the night and yes his swag/swagger was on point. Big up Slap D

 Loved both their looks.

They did try, Loving the chick in the green blazer, go girl

Loving both these looks, but the blazer or jacket is on point.

Loved TK's overall look, But had issues with the jacket length.

Fashion designer Towani Impressed with this number.Better bag would have wowed.


We thank everyone that made these awards possible. Till next time I leave you with a line from my favourite acceptance speech, Macky 2's word - kuti bakudabwisha nowina nangu kamo ba lusaka.

The Awards

ZMA 1 Life time Achievement Award
Webster Malama, RIP

ZMA 2 Best Traditional Album
Lenganavo by Kapalu Lizambo

ZMA 3 Best Gospel Album 
Mizu by Pompi

ZMA 4 Best Female Gospel Artist Suwilanji
ZMA 5 Best Male Gospel Artist
ZMA 6 Best Collaboration
Vigabenga by Ruffkid/SlapD/Zone Fam
ZMA 7 Best Jazz Album

Coming Home by Uncle Rex

ZMA 8 Best Female Album Contemporary
Chikawama by Judy

ZMA 9 Best Male Album Contemporary True Story by Slap D
ZMA 10 Best Female Artist Contemporary
ZMA 11 Best Male Artist Contemporary
Slap D
ZMA 12 Best Live Recording (album)
Matsukani by Sakala Brothers
ZMA 13 Best Band
ZMA 14 Best Reggae Artist
Maiko Zulu
ZMA 15 Best Dance Hall Artist
ZMA 16 Best Hip Hop / Rap Song

Kuichaila by Slap D
ZMA 17 Best Hip Hop/ Rap Album
True Story by Slap D
ZMA 18 Song of the Year
Kuichaila by Slap D

ZMA 19 Album of the Year
Legendary by Macky 2
ZMA 20 Best Song Writer


ZMA 21 Best Female Vocalist Judy

ZMA 22 Best Male Vocalist Exile

ZMA 23 Best Male Radio DJ 3rill – Qfm
ZMA 24 Best Female Radio DJ

Mimi Sitali - Qfm
ZMA 25 Best Traditional Solo Artist Percussion
Leonard Mpundu – Madalas Cultural Ensemble
ZMA 26 Best Contemporary Solo Artist Percussion/ Drummer
Mutamula Mwale – Love and Mercy Ministries
ZMA 27 Best Producer Ben Blazer  

ZMA 28 Best Live Sound Engineer Arnold Sibalwa (Ringman)

ZMA 29 Best Lead Guitarist
‘Sir’ Jones (Jones Kabanga)
ZMA 30 Best Bass Guitarist
Sebastian Mutale
ZMA 31 Best Keyboard Player
Blessington Mubi Malenga


Anonymous said...

No one can beat my Jones. Sir Jones big up to you and congrats

Anonymous said...

Gesh's suit was on point, no doubt!!!! I do, however, feel you shouldn't have sugar-coated your comment on RuFF Kid. The man/kid looked like a clown. We all know what look he was aiming for, but it didn't work. This isn't America. We know its an act but.... Such experiments should be restricted to ones bedroom. His performance though was lively, I agree. Great. Slap D was arguably the best dressed male artist on the night. *shouting from a rooftop* "CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL PJAY TO TAKE THIS BUSINESS SERIOUSLY!!!" Urgh!!!

Anonymous said...

love your blog so much..

shazz4life said...

I must agrre I love me some Ruff K.I.D. But I did love his suit in a way but it didnt work becuase of the shoes I think. I totally agree with you on PJay, his a talented one. Thank you for all your comments, and shout out to you loving the blog.

Tiwonge 'Tiwi' Gondwe said...

You gave me serious laughs with your comments on these pictures I only like Towani and Slap Dee everyone else needs the help of the fairy god stylist and alot more.

shazz4life said...

I love the way you have put it. They do need a God stylist indeed and a lot more

Anonymous said...

most of these artist had a stylist who was engaged by zambia breweries but most of them didnt want to listen to his advice on how to dress.shame on some of these chaps....gesh thanks for listenin...ruff kid i gat u son..exile i told u so..zone fam lets do this again...

shazz4life said...

@Oooh really??? That's too bad to hear.They should have atleast meet halfway with the stylist to prevent some of their disasterous ensembles. Oooh well let's hope for better next year...

Tsepo Mas said...

The dude in a red suit killed me lol. And i think next time they should use a much more bold back drop pick.

shazz4life said...