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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Finally all the madness is over, I am officially a masters degree holder in International Economic Development. Its been such a rough year for me, but hardwork, preserverance, patience and support from my man has kept me through this. Anyway plans to totally enjoy and spoil myself are on board.For my thesis defense I decided to wear an electric blue peplum blouse, with white pants, kept the accessories really simple, a small black belt, a watch and a bracelet. Stay blessed. xoxo


Peplum blouse,black belt - Zara
White pants - H&M
Shoes - Blink


Tiwonge 'Tiwi' Gondwe said...

Congradulations :D What is ur next steep? loving the outfit btw.

shazz4life said...

Thank you very much...sorry for the late response its only now that I have time to settle down and breath...I moved back to Africa, Zambia in particular..now job hunting...hope your good...

Katherine Montoya said...

I know it might be late but, congratulation on getting you masters degree! Well, writing you thesis paper for a masters degree is certainly hard. But, with all the effort and time you put on it, you can finally say that your years of study have now been proven. Anyway, I like how you dress for your thesis defense. Intelligent and beautiful!  

shazz4life said...

Thank you,very much Katherine its never too late to congratulate someone.

Thank you for stopping by.

Stay blessed