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Friday, 3 August 2012


Sunnies, Earrings - H&M 
Braclets - Swarovski, H&M 

“Overflowing closets with the feeling that there is nothing to wear”. Does this statement sound more than familiar? I am pretty certain I’m not the only who utters this phrase “I have nothing to wear”.
While there is nothing wrong with having a closet overflowing with clothes, we forget to ask ourselves the ultimate fundamental question, how practical are the pieces we own?

Today I will look at a very important item that is often overlooked as important: the Basic Black Pumps (let’s call it the BBP) and please bear in mind I am not talking about super high heels that are nearly impossible to walk in. I am talking about shoes that you can actually run, and jump in comfortably.
Think of BBP as a blank canvas, which you can build your outfits on. You can never go wrong with these plain and staple pumps. These are classics that never go out of style, and go with almost absolutely everything.

BBP are your wardrobe foundation; they are the building blocks to a firm and functional style. The workhorse of shoes - a good black pump can take you from day into evening with no hesitation.
Try and build your wardrobe around BBP, making sure they are comfortable and can be worn with many pieces in your wardrobe.

If you build up your wardrobe around the BBP, make sure that they can be worn with many of the pieces in the basic set. Your wardrobe can be good too.

Please always bear this in mind ladies when shopping; the key is quality, not quantity.

Stay Blessed. 

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