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Friday, 13 July 2012

Judy Yo breaking new boundaries

Zambian song bird Judy yo is back, with such a refreshing vibe on her second and latest album titled “Chikawama” . Born Judith Bwalya Melele on the 8th of March1990, surprisingly enough she has a twin sister called Modester. 

It is difficult not to fall in love with her sweet soulful voice. It was not long ago that Judy came onto the Zambian music scene with her debut album titled “Supernatural Woman”, which was a huge success, that she got nominated for the Born & Bred awards in 2009.
 Fast forward a few years later, the song bird is still mesmerizing us with her much anticipated second album.

Judy was under the K-Amy record label when she recorded her first album (Supernatural Woman), but she decided to move to Nomesta record label for her second album (Chikawama). Her songs are currently receiving a lot of airplay not only on Zambian radio. 

DJ Donavinchi (Zambian DJ based in the Czech Republic) has his own show called the Friday Ripple show that has played some of Judy’s songs on the Czech national radio (Cesky Rozhlas, http://www.rozhlas.cz/radiowave/friday_ripple)

Looking at her current picture, it’s not difficult to realize that the song bird has redefined her image since her move from the K-Amy record label to new management at Nomesta record label.

Some songs from the "Chikawama" albulm can be downloaded from the link below

 Chikawama, 2012

Author ; The Shark

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