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Tuesday, 19 June 2012



Rapping in Zambian lingo, was barely heard of a few years back, now let us fast forward to the present, hail to the first king of vernacular Hip-hop and swag( of current Hip-hop Zambian music) popularly known as Slap Dee (born Mwila Musonda) . Ofcourse most of us born in the 1980’s remember Daddy Zemus who was pioneer of Zambia’s own RnB and Hip-hop music scenes.

It’s hard to believe that his music career started in 2006, though not an overnight success, as his first album was not well received, Slap Dee continues working hard and pushing forward. Literally nothing could deter this young talented man from his ambitious career.

Slap Dee’s work took a while to take its deserved place in the Zambian music. Not only is he an artist but he took things to another level when he established his own record label and clothing label, bearing the name X.Y.Z. The XYZ star has survived much opposition in the Zambian hip hop circus. With head on collisions with fellow rappers Crisis Mr. Swagger and LB (Diamond Chain ENT), Queen Diva Mampi. Slap Dee has always emerged stronger than ever in all encounters. Just recently he and the Kopala King Macky 2 called off a long standing beef.

His brand new smashing single “Kuichayila” only answers why the rapper has continued to dominate and set new standards in the Zambian music industry. Slap Dee has evolved with ever changing music trends. With his clever and catchy rhymes and versatile ability to adapt to a variety of music genres, Slap Dee continues to be relevant to a broader section of Zambian society. He rules local Zambian hip hop building himself the status of a role model to many youths.
With the success of his single “Kuichayila” , from his much anticipated album Slap Dee has taken the opportunity to launch the XYZ website setting an example to many Zambian Artists.

Slap Dee's Latest Single “Kuichayila”can be downloaded from the link below.

Author ; The Shark.


Anonymous said...

well written

Anonymous said...

nice articel, though i think i would not recommend to name Macky2 as king or Mampi as Queen. I mean it takes much more to be the king of hiphop, pop or whatever. sure, they are both good but it's just to early to call them that.

shazz4life said...

Thnx alot...please keep checking our blog out, as we intend to continue writing about Music and othere things about Zambia in general..and feel free to spread the word...

Tsepo Mas said...

Kuichaila...am loving this.

shazz4life said...

Thank you. Stay blessed