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Saturday, 5 May 2012


D.I.Y Clutch Bag 
All you will be needing for this project is nail polish colours of your choice, alchol for rubbing onto the bag/clutch you intend to paint and some patience for the drying part. I suggest painting from a well ventilated area, outside if possible or even with the windows open.

1. Select colours of your choice, I used mostly neon colours, Pink, Orange,Green, Lime green, Yellow. The White is optional as it can be used as a base, I omitted that part and just went ahead and painted without it.
 2. Prepare your bag/Clutch, clean/ wipe out any dirt off it, then get some cotton wool and rub onto the parts you intend to colour. This is so as the material is softened.
 3. Pick a pattern and paint away. So as you can see I decided only to paint the flap. and if you choose to you can add a finished glossy touch to the bag/clutch by using colourless nail polish. I didnt add that my clutch.
 4. I also painted the back of the bag.Let it dry in an airy place, lay it flat on a drying rack.

 5. In the end I decided to add a charm braclet and a chain so I could cary it over my shoulder.g rack.

6. The nail polish might crack, So im waiting to see how it will hold up on my bag.... Happy D.I.Ying. If anyone does this project please do share the results in pictures with me..
More pictures of me Rocking D.I.Y Clutch


Josie said...

i love it.!!..i just don't have a clutch to transform...but i will keep looking :D keep up the works sweets....^_^

shazz4life said...

Thnx alot hun, infact I got it some some back from that Flea market we visted...

Stella said...

Thanks so much for sharing, this post came in the exact right time! I have a bag which I'm not using it so much, so I wanted to renew it somehow! Would you like to follow each other?


shazz4life said...

you are welcome...Im following you on your blog and bloglovin aswell..

Megan Ann said...

This is an awesome DIY, I can't believe you did this with nail polish!

xo, Megan


shazz4life said...

thnx alot...

Matthew Alexandre said...

this is the nicest diy clutch i've seen the neion colors are a great choice !

love it .

comment me back pleasee ? xo <3


Tiwonge 'Tiwi' Gondwe said...

thank you for posting the link to this on Tiwi's closet. I love it and am definately going to try it out ^_^