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Friday, 20 January 2012


 Everytime I start braiding my hair, I wonder why I ever started, and secondly I wonder if the pain in my hands and neck will come to an end. Nevertheless even that pain doesnt slow me down nor discourage me from doing a good job or finishing up.
I used the ever trusted expression, colour number 1. For this night I decided to tie up my hair in a side bun. And Lord do I love me some lip gloss.

Studded earrings - H&M
Bracelet - Newyorker
Dress - random vintage shop/ salaula/second hand shop.
Tights - random drugstore
shoes- gifted frm the bf...

Stay Blessed.


Anonymous said...

Lovely shoes

Anonymous said...

Hey! you look gorgeous as always!!! Secret fan Filip from ITS :)hahaha

shazz4life said...

thnx alot.. Filip how is it a secret if uv told me...lol