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Sunday, 27 November 2011


 Customer just walked in.

 Hair sectioned off, and here the cutting began.

Hair combed out, stripped off all products and is in its natural state.

 Hair cut done, the only product added was some gel. Water was added before the gel to enchance styling.

 Eyebrows plucked, very minimal make up. Some lip colour, a blend of ruby red, with some dark brown bronzed lipstick. Lips were moisturized with a lip balm before lipstick application.

 A smiling sustomer, makes me happy and pleased with my work.

And here we are with a summary of what I did to the client.

I am actually contemplating wearing hair in this style as well, I had did last year, and must say its a challenge when it comes to stying it, but who said looking good was ever easy.

Stay Blessed.


Josie said...

love it....:) and the commenting just takes you into the flow...lol...am proud of your work..will be back for more.

shazz4life said...

oooh thnx sweets...

Anonymous said...

Wowow, Josie looks just amazing :) ♥

shazz4life said...

yes she does..thnx alot.